How my life has been affected by globalization

Globalization is all I seem to know and is all that I am used to. From growing up with a father who works in the semi-conductor industry, he would always talk about the products they were making and selling to Japan, so all I have known is a world where large scale business has thrived from globalization. He would always have clients from Japan over for dinner to discuss potential business relationships, along with traveling to the Silicon Valley himself to have meetings at his company’s corporate site. Ever since a young age, I’ve known that to compete locally and stay in business, you must make business relationships and agreements internationally. Globalization, for our family, was a huge benefit because the amount of steady business my dad’s job has had, and even when the semi-conductor industry has not done as well, these companies in Japan and China depend on their services, so they stay in business.

I also use and wear products every day that were made from another area of the world. Having many apple products, I know that all apple goods are produced overseas, and because of this we are able to buy these goods at a cheaper price. As a result of globalization we also have a much greater knowledge of other parts of the world, too. I am able to know of these social uprisings and revolts in the middle east, along with a civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009, with much credit to globalization. This also helps to spread awareness to many problems that areas all over the world are facing, like the Kony movement. The news our Media reports on does not just include what is happening locally, but international stories as well, and our economy is affected when other strong economies are struggling. In my everyday life, I feel like I learn more about what is happening outside of our country rather than in it as a result of massive globalization, and because the effects it will have on our country.

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